The world's most simple and effective invoicing software!

Easily manage all your invoices, quotes and credit notes and save time and money!

Faktum Invoicing is a very easy to use invoicing and billing software solution. Ideal for small businesses and self employed professionals. Create professional invoices within minutes!

Flexible, Simple and Complete!

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What our customers say about Faktum Invoicing Software

I was amazed at the simplicity and user friendliness of the program

I was amazed at the simplicity and user friendliness of the invoicing software. Learning how to use the functions was also very simple thanks to the video tutorials. Definitely the right solution for my invoicing needs.

Mr Smith - Imagine Media

A great invoicing solution for freelancers

I have been using Excel for years as I thought that invoicing software was too expensive and complicated for what I needed. A friend recommended Faktum Invoicing and I have been using it since. If I had known – I would have started using it a long time ago. A great invoicing solution for freelancers like myself.

Mr Jordan - E L S Electronic-Repair-Service Ltd.

A complete and cost-effective invoicing solution

I have just recently installed Faktum Invoicing Software and we have already used it for a number of invoices. I must say that I am very impressed. It was very easy to set up and the invoice templates were perfect for what I needed. A good buy for anyone looking for a complete and cost-effective invoicing solution.

Mrs Huntworth - Huntworth Management

Faktum Invoicing software is half the price of other products

I compared a number of small business Invoicing and billing solutions and Faktum Invoicing was up to half the price of other products with the same features. It also looks a lot better than the others and after downloading the trial I am very pleased with how easy the software is to use.

Mr Philips - Dental Max

Faktum Invoicing software saves me a lot of time

Compared to the Microsoft Word invoices I was using, Faktum Invoicing software is a great improvement to my invoicing process and saves me a lot of time.

Mrs Freeman - Creative Marketing Consulting

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Faktum Invoicing Software benefits

Incredibly easy to use

invoicing-software-benefits-3Faktum Invoicing and Billing software is designed to be incredibly easy to use even for the inexperienced computer user. The user interface and invoicing features are simple and self-explanatory. Learn in no time thanks to easy Video Tutorials. No special accounting knowledge and produce your first invoice or quote in just minutes.

Saves you hours of time

Invoicing-software-benefits-6With Faktum Invoicing and Billing Software you can save yourself hours of time by making the whole invoicing process much more efficient. Most of the quotation, invoice and reminder tasks can easily be automated within the software, giving you hours more free time. The more quotations and invoices you make, the more time you save!

Improves business image

invoicing-software-benefits-4Create professional quotations and invoices that look great! We provide ready to use invoice and quotation templates that you can use and customize with your own company logo. Presenting yourself to your customers with professionally designed invoices greatly improves your company image.

No more Excel and Word

invoicing-software-benefits-1Using MS Excel and Word is a tedious process and often leads to mistakes due to manual calculations and typing errors. With Faktum quoting and invoicing software, all figures and calculations are always accurate and you don't need to spend time checking and re-calculating each new document by hand.

Customer management

invoicing-software-benefits-8 Centralized customer management is a very useful function that allows you to store all customer information in a central database. You can export customer information to Excel and easily integrate with other systems from there. Add extra customer related information or send e-mailings to groups of customers or your entire customer list.

Getting started is easy

invoicing-software-benefits-10 Within a few minutes you can create and manage your first professional quotes and invoices. With just a few clicks you can select an invoice template and customize it with your own company logo and house style. Creating a list of products and services is easy and you are ready to go. No tedious set-up process and no complicated configuration needed.

Faktum Invoicing - a comprehensive invoicing software

Discover how easy it can be to create quotes, invoices and delivery notes with our Faktum Invoicing software.

Our invoicing software helps you getting all your accounting work done - just like a complex and expensive accounting software does. The difference is, that during the development of our billing and invoicing software, we have always been prioritizing the user friendliness. All the functions are clearly lined up and are available with a few clicks. In this way you can very easily create invoices and of course print or e-mail them with Faktum Invoicing software. In the same way you can also create credit notes, quotes, sales orders, delivery notes and reminders in the simple and quick fashion that our invoicing software offers.

All documents created using our invoicing software will show up in the journal. In this section you can easily get a quick overview of all invoices, payments and more. In just one sight you will get an overview of the turnover and keep track of all payments. Of course the invoicing tool lets you define the time frame you want to study. You can also sort the invoices, quotes and other documents on a row of different criterias.

Before you start using the extensive set of functionality that our invoicing software offers, you will of course need to put in some information about your own company and the customers you want to invoice. All this information is just typed once and then stored forever in the billing software. In this way our invoicing software saves you a lot of time and hassle with its integrated customer management features. Each document that is written is assigned to a customer and you can easily look up invoices and documents sent to a customer at any point in time. You may also track payments and account status with each customer through Faktum Invoicing Software.

In the same way you can store information about all the articles in the billing software. This way you save a lot of time by storing the invoice lines as articles. Of course you can add article codes, units, unit cost and more and store that with the invoicing software.

Test Faktum Invoicing software 60 days for free as freeware and you'll be convinced of the functionality and benefits of our software.

About Faktum Software International

Faktum Invoicing software is a product of Faktum Software International. Faktum Software International is market leader in small business invoicing solutions. With local offices in USA, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Sweden and Malta, Faktum Software International has a worldwide customer base with local support and business administration.

Since 1998, Faktum Software International has specialized in Small Business Invoicing software and is known for its incredibly easy to use approach. Faktum Invoicing software has become the world's most popular invoicing and billing solution for small businesses and self employed professionals.

Our aim is to help small business owners to save time and money by simplifying and automating every aspect of the small business invoicing process, from quotes and invoices to reports and taxes. Our primary focus is to make the invoicing software as user friendly as possible to make it easy to use for any small business owner regardless of computer or accounting knowledge and experience.

We have a strong focus on support and customer service. Faktum Invoicing software has been translated into more than eight different languages and we offer local support for each country we operate in. This customer focus is unique and we strive to continually improve our service and support.